Monday, 22 December 2014

Itinerary and ship info

Here is our itinerary:

Here is a link to the ship info, including the ship webcam and tracker:

We disembark in San Francisco and then travel across the USA by train as follows:
30 March - San Francisco
31 March - San Francisco
1 April - travelling by train to LA
2 April - LA
3 April - Disneyland!!!
4 April - Disneyland!!!
5 April - LA
6 April - travelling by train to Chicago
7 April - Chicago
8 April - Chicago
9 April - travelling by train to New York
10 April - New York
11 April - New York
12 April - fly home

Nearly ready to go!

So, we are off in 17 days!!!  Not long to finish packing and say goodbye to lots of lovely friends...  And also not long to ensure this blog is working properly as we have had many requests!  So here is the first test message - fingers crossed...