Monday, 2 March 2015

Day 52 - Monday 2nd March - at sea

Day 52 - Monday 2nd March - at sea

We went for a chilly windy walk around the decks this morning, after a lovely early morning chat with my family :-) I then went to stretch class, breakfast, line dancing, and then my knitting group where I made some progress with my penguin, but the person helping me is leaving the ship in Sydney so I'm getting a bit worried it won't get finished in time...! JL went to see Colin Hobbs talk about supersonic travel.

We had lunch and then I went to party dance class and from there to the theatre where the Headliners theatre group were doing an afternoon performance of one of my favourite of their shows - Blame it on the Boogie! I had a cup of tea and read/ knitted on the balcony for a bit, and then went to the gym and did some weights exercises. JL meanwhile went to see Diane Simpson talk, and then played table tennis which he NEARLY won!

We had dinner and then went to see the resident musicians called Caravan play a tribute to the Eagles which was very good, as was the chocolate and banana mocktail I enjoyed while watching them! From here we went to the theatre to see Julian Smith do his second show on the saxophone. At one point he did a competition to see who could clap loudest and for longest and I WON!!!! I now have a signed Julian Smith CD to take home with me - yay! :-) Then back to the room to get ready for Melbourne tomorrow - can't wait!

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