Sunday, 1 March 2015

Days 50 and 51 - Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March - at sea

Days 50 and 51 - Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March - at sea

(Right, I'm going to try and catch up with myself so am squeezing our last 2 sea days into one post!)

On Saturday morning there was a cool breeze blowing and the sun was rising quite late, so I decided to be brave and have my first attempt at running for many many weeks. I got up early so I could be out on deck for 7.30ish, and managed 14 laps (which I think is about 4.5km) before collapsing in a heap! Not bad considering how long it has been! I then went back to the room, sat with a cold wet flannel on my face for 5 minutes to try and resume normal skin colour, and then went to stretch class (still looking rather pink!). After a cold shower and breakfast I started feeling more human again! This was good as we were about to attend Australian immigration - to speed up our exit ashore in Melbourne on Tuesday, the immigration officials come aboard the ship before we even get to Australian waters, to collect our various forms and see our passports. It took most of the day to get the whole ship done so I'm very pleased they did it in advance! I then went to line dancing as normal, and then to knit and natter where I searched for the lady who was going to help me make my penguin but she wasn't there :-( I continued on my own for a bit and now have a black square but don't know what to do with it!! Meanwhile JL went to see a lecture by Colin Hobbs about the first flights across the Atlantic. 

We had lunch and then I went to party dance class, followed by a presentation in the theatre by someone called the Sandman. He is a street artist who has started doing cruise shows where he makes pictures with sand on a light panel which is projected on a large screen, all synchronised to music. He also did some oil paintings of places we have visited recently. It was fantastic! It was then time to do the laundry, which was thankfully not too painful today! JL meanwhile went to see Diane Simpson talking about handwriting analysis, and came back telling me he had found out he was very intelligent, forward thinking, and a bit impatient (a BIT?!?!).

I got ready in record time for formal night, where JL had yet another Marco Pierre White special menu (it's just getting boring now!), and I had... Quorn! We then went to the theatre to see the new comedian - a guy called Micky Zany who was very amusing.

On Monday, we did our normal walking, and then stretch class for me, followed by breakfast. I then went line dancing, but skipped knitting as I had so many emails to write! JL ..........??

After lunch I went to the cinema (which was not so crowded now the sun has come back out!) to see the film Twelve Years A Slave - VERY good but very depressing also! Later I went to an exhausting Fab Abs class. JL went to see his two new speakers - Colin Hobbs talking about the first flights from London to Australia, and then Diane Simpson doing dome personality analysis! 

After dinner we saw the next concert by the flute/ piano duo, and then the second concert by the New Zealand singer Russell Harrison, who has a great voice and again did lots we could sing along to. At the end of the show he brought the Sandman guy (Marcus Winter his real name is!) on stage (it turns out they are cousins!) and they did some pieces together where Russell sang and Marcus interpreted the songs in sand pictures - even JL was impressed!

(Woohoo! I'm finally up to date! Ready for another busy week with lots of ports so I may fall behind again but I'll do my best!)

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