Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Day 74 - Sunday 22nd March - at sea

Day 74 - Sunday 22nd March - at sea

[JL|: something terrible has happened, a tragedy...]  I started the day with a lovely video chat with my family, and then went walking. The top deck was closed due to the high winds which had sprung up overnight, so we went to the lower deck. I then did stretch class while JL walked another mile, then we had breakfast. I had my typical morning of line dancing and knitting (I'm now making an Easter bunny!), and JL went to a talk about the motions of the oceans.

At noon the clocks went forward an hour, so by the time we had finished lunch it was 2.00 - I decided not to go party dancing on a full stomach so instead went back to the room and finished reading my book and did some more knitting. Meanwhile JL read his book in the Crows Nest and then played table tennis, which he won! I went to an exhausting circuit training class where I worked muscles I didn't know I had! 

We had dinner and then went to a classical concert by the two pianists - they played various pieces including my favourite bits of the Peer Gynt suite. From there we went to the main theatre to get front row seats for the guitarist Byron Johnston who was performing his second show, this time called Legends of the Guitar. It was mainly electrical guitar tunes this time, by a selection of the most famous rock guitarists, and he was accompanied by the ship's orchestra. It was like a civilised version of a rock concert!! He was incredible, and I bought his cd afterwards.  [... We're out of Banyuls!  We finished the last drop last night.  How are we (especially Emma) going to survive the next 2 to 3 weeks?]

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