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Day 73 - Saturday 21st March - at sea

Day 73 - Saturday 21st March - at sea

We started the day walking our mile, then I went to stretch class, followed by breakfast and line dancing. JL went to see Gloria Barnett talking about seabirds and reptiles, while I went to knit and natter to help price up the rest of the items for the craft sale in the afternoon. 

We had lunch and then I went party dancing while JL read his book, then played table tennis. At 4.30 I went along to the craft sale, which was immensely popular, and I ended up helping out at one of the stalls. There were 3 tables of stuff made by the knitting group and the afternoon craft group, with a few very special items which were auctioned. People could choose to give money to either Macmillan Cancer Support or the Vanuatu Relief Fund. Altogether they made around £950!!! As well as buying my own penguin and chick which I had knitted, I bought a crochet penguin (which I now want to learn to make!), and a really cute crochet hat and neck warmer (which I am going to wear to lunch as the restaurant is super cold!!). I then went to do a gym workout.

After dinner we went to see Stephen Garcia, the comedy magician, for his second show. We got great seats right at the front, and it was too late to move when JL suddenly said "I feel a bit nervous in these seats - he likes to get volunteers from the audience doesn't he?!" And sure enough we got picked to help out with several tricks, including one where he took my wedding ring and tried to make it appear inside an apple, then a balloon (neither of which worked!), then in a sealed can of baked beans (which luckily turned out to be empty of beans but just containing a jewellery box with my ring in!!) He also got JL involved in adding up a set of random numbers that had been generated by members of the audience, which the magician then said the would reveal in a sealed envelope - but it was wrong! He declared that as his penalty he would strip for everyone, and embarked on a very entertaining routine with bits of different tunes including the Birdie Song and Gangnam Style, before ripping off his shirt to reveal a T-shirt underneath with the correct answer sewn on!!! It was amazing! :-) From there we went to see a second show which was a Carpenters tribute band, who were very good.

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