Saturday, 14 March 2015

Day 65 - Saturday 14th March - at sea

Day 65 - Saturday 14th March - at sea

We set the alarm this morning to get up for walking and stretching, I turned it off and closed my eyes for a few more minutes, and woke up an hour and a quarter later! I think our 3 days ashore had worn me out! So no walk/ stretch for me! But I did feel refreshed and awake at last. 

We had breakfast and then I went to line dancing, followed by knit and natter. My penguin is nearly finished! Meanwhile JL went to see Margaret Gilmore talk about terrorist threats. During the morning the captain made an announcement to say that we would have a calm day at sea but that at around 8.00 tonight when we emerged from the protection of New Zealand to our East, things would become "very very different"! He warned us we would have at least 24 hours of cyclone inspired rough seas - fun.

We had lunch and then I planned to go to party dance class, but got the time wrong, so in the end just stayed in the cabin and read on the balcony in the sunshine. JL went to see a talk by a new guest speaker called Gloria Barnett, giving an introduction to marine biology. He then went and played table tennis. I did a fab abs class before dinner.

After eating we went to see the onboard group Caravan, and the horn section of the orchestra, play a selection of rock classics. It was now 8.00, and I was worried about the changing sea state, so we gave the second concert a miss and instead went back to the cabin to watch the port presentation on Pago Pago (American Samoa), before retreating to bed as the ship started to rock... 

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