Saturday, 21 March 2015

Day 71 - Thursday 19th March - at sea

Day 71 - Thursday 19th March - at sea

We awoke to a tropical rain shower today so did our walking down on the promenade deck, followed by my stretch class. After breakfast I had line dancing as usual, and then knit and natter where I practically finished my Easter chick (all but his beak!). Meanwhile JL read his book in the Crows Nest and then played table tennis.

After lunch I went party dancing while JL went to see Gloria Barnett talking about the construction of the oceans and tectonic plates.  We then met to watch the Headliners show My Generation (for the second time!), full of lots of cool sixties songs and clothes. Then JL went for a second game of table tennis, and I went to a fab abs class.

We had dinner and then went to two different shows - first a man called Byron Johnston who did an amazing guitar show, with some classical pieces but also a demonstration of using the guitar to perform different instrumental tracks, which he recorded individually live in front of us and then put together to make the song Hotel California. He also did some incredible flamenco pieces. After that we went to see a singer called Helen Wilding who was brilliant also - she did some opera, some musical theatre, and some songs from films, focusing on how songs tell stories. And she had a really pretty dress!
[JL: our captain informed us this morning that we would be crossing the Equator tonight at 10.  Unfortunately we won't be able to see it as it will be dark...  Next stop Hawaii ...]

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