Thursday, 5 March 2015

Day 56 - Thursday 4th March - At sea

Day 56 - Thursday 4th March - At sea

(Have just realised my day numbers went wrong on 21st Feb, and we are actually up to day 56 not 55!)

After two busy days ashore, it was quite a relief to have a day at sea, and a lie in - well, until 7.30 anyway! We then got up to look at the very choppy waters and drizzly sky (and the beautiful rainbow which had appeared!) and decided to go to the gym rather than the open decks for our exercise! JL continued on the treadmill while I went to stretch class, and then we had breakfast. I then went to a long overdue line dancing class, while JL went to see Diane Simpson talk about Mindfulness. I then went to knit and natter to get my final penguin instructions, while JL went for a morning game of table tennis (the open roof had been closed and the pool emptied luckily, or there is no way the area would have been suitable!).  On his return to the cabin, he made me very jealous as he had just spotted a group of about 12 penguins, feeding and playing close to the ship.

We had lunch together and then JL went to see Colin Hobbs talking about the growing size of aeroplanes (shudder!). I planned to go and see the afternoon Headliners show, but it had to be cancelled due to the rough state of the seas. Instead I planned on reading some of my book and doing a bit of knitting, and then suddenly JL spotted land in the distance - we were sailing a lot closer to the Australian coat than I had realised. I hopefully took a look at my phone, and sure enough we were close enough for a 3G signal, so instead I spent the rest of the afternoon playing around online and researching Sydney transport and activity options, and finding out more about Mardi Gras which is taking place on Saturday, trying to finalise exactly what we are going to do over the next two days. Meanwhile JL went to the cinema to see a film called Brick Mansions, which the audience collectively agreed was awful! I did a quick abs workout before getting ready for dinner.

After eating we went to the last classical piano/ flute concert by the Dana Morgan duo, beautiful as always. We decided to give the second show a miss, and instead came back to the room to get everything ready and have an early night ready for two busy days in Sydney!

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