Sunday, 15 March 2015

Day 66 - Sunday 15th March - at sea

Day 66 - Sunday 15th March - at sea

(Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful mummy!)

After a somewhat restless night (as I kept thinking I was rolling out of bed!) we woke to big waves and very choppy seas. We went to have a look at the outer decks, but they were closed due to high winds, so we went to the gym to use some of the machines there instead, before I went to stretch class. We had breakfast and then I went to line dancing. And then came back after 10 minutes as they cancelled it, declaring it to be too dangerous due to the movement of the ship. Shortly after the captain came on the tannoy to say that we would have a bumpy day ahead of us, but would be missing the worst part of the cyclone (phew). However, because the diversion we had had to make was so large, we would no longer be able to stop at our next destination (Apia, Western Samoa), so would be going directly to the following port (Pago Pago, American Samoa). I had suspected this might happen, and it is disappointing as we haven't been to Apia before, but I'd rather that than we get stuck in the middle of the cyclone! 

The sea was pretty rough for the rest of the day, with very large waves, so I hibernated in the room until dinner time! Luckily I had my knight in shining armour to bring me lunch to the cabin! Other than that, I slept, skyped another lovely friend, and watched a film on the TV (Rock of Ages - most amusing!) And checked the sailing weather website I had found every so often to check that the red and purple swirl in the South Pacific was definitely moving away from us...

Meanwhile JL soldiered on, going to see two speakers - Melvyn Bowen talking about meteorology, and Gloria Barnett talking about creatures which live in the oceans, and then went to play table tennis. 

It was formal night but I didn't have the energy to get properly made up, and I certainly wasn't going to wear my highest heels with the state of the sea! I did manage an abs workout before struggling down to the restaurant for a table by the window with views of the really quite scary waves! It was calming down a bit compared to the morning, so the evening's entertainment continued as planned - first the classical duo performing another varied programme, and then a Beatles tribute band who were excellent.  [ JL: something amazing has happened: Emma is upset: those of you who know her well will find this hard to believe but she has put on weight: she won't let me tell you how much!! Must be the scrumptious warm scones at afternoon tea.  Those of you who know me well will find this even harder to believe but I have lost 2 kilos. Must be all those oysters...]

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