Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Day 68 - Tuesday 17th March - at sea

Day 68 - Tuesday 17th March - at sea

Typical start to the day - walking, stretching, breakfast, then line dancing for me (a special set of Irish dances for St Patrick's Day). I then went to knit and natter where I continued my Easter chick, which was turning out rather larger than planned...! JL went to play his first game of table tennis of the day. 

After lunch JL went to see Gloria Barnett talk about behaviour for survival in the oceans, and then we went together to the afternoon concert in the main theatre by the classical duo (their last one sadly). I did some more knitting, and then having dedicated several hours to it realised it was all wrong so had the peculiar pleasure of pulling it all apart (which was SO much quicker than the knitting had been!) - I then started a smaller version of the chick! I went to an exhausting circuit training class while JL played his second game of table tennis, and then for a well deserved swim in the pool which was finally back open now the sea had settled, and jacuzzi.

We had dinner and then went to see the Beatles tribute band perform their second concert - excellent! JL then went to bed but I stayed up to go to the St Patrick's Day singalong which was really good - various artists and crew members from the ship performed songs, as well a some passengers - I didn't get to bed until 11.30pm!!!

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