Monday, 16 March 2015

Day 67 - Monday 16th March - at sea

Day 67 - Monday 16th March - at sea

I got up early this morning so I could Skype my family (as Monday morning for us at the moment is Sunday evening in the UK, so I just about caught the end of Mother's Day!), and then we went walking and stretching before breakfast. I then went to line dancing and JL went to see Gloria Barnett talking about strange creatures of the deep! I then went knitting and spent most of the hour making a very small part of the Easter chick I have started (my penguin is all finished and looks lovely!). JL went to play table tennis.

We had lunch and then I went to an exhausting party dance class while JL went to see Melvyn Bowen talking about oceanography, and then an interview with Margaret Gilmore, and then a SECOND game of table tennis! I read my book in the sunshine on the balcony for a bit, and then went and did a gym workout. 

After dinner we went to see the Heimana String band, who are a group from the Cook Islands who played Polynesian music on a range of different traditional string instruments. I then went to see the singer Anna Stolli perform songs from the sixties and seventies, including a lovely one about rainbows which Kermit the Frog apparently sings at the start of the Muppet Movie!

[JL: a note for those of you who have been worried about us: with the technology on board this ship we were never in danger; we sailed west of our intended course and cyclone Pamela was about 200 miles to our right on its way south to the North Island of NZ.  Two days ago the sea was rough when we veered right crossing its tail end on our way back to our original course.  Now all is well and today the sky was blue, the temperature outside was 30 degrees and the Pacific Ocean was back to its normal state: as flat as Kiera Knightley's cleavage ]

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