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Day 72 - Friday 20th March - at sea

Day 72 - Friday 20th March - at sea

The weather is getting hotter and hotter as we near the equator, but we were very brave and managed to walk our mile, although I missed stretch class as I was too lazy to get out of bed straightaway when the alarm went off! It was then line dancing for me, in a smaller venue today as they were doing a cookery demo in our usual venue, but we made do without too much stepping on each other's feet! I then went to my knitting group where I helped make labels to price the items that had been made and donated for the charity craft fair which is happening soon (I'm buying my own things, I love them too much to give away!). Meanwhile JL read (too hot even for the swimming pool!] and played table tennis.

We had lunch and then went to see the Crossing the Line ceremony. Those of you who have been reading this since the start might remember that we had one of these already on the way out - well we are now crossing the equator again so have another one! The ceremony involves members of the ship's crew dressing up as pirates and sailors and competing in contests against each other to try and impress King Neptune. In order for permission to be granted for the ship to cross the equator, the sailors' team must win. The challenges were swimming up and down the pool in a life buoy, then in a wet boiler suit, making up and performing a team dance (great fun, as the pirates were made up of members of the Headliners Theatre Company!), blowing up and popping a balloon with a mouth full of crackers, then getting ping pong balls out of a tub of custard using only one's mouth. You will be pleased to know that the sailors' team won, so we were given permission to cross the equator and we are indeed coming home!!! :-) After this JL went to see a lecture on coral reefs, and I did a gym workout, before getting ready for formal night. 

The menu was yet another Marco Pierre White extravaganza, but this time JL decided not to have the four courses as set out but to make up his own menu - two main courses! So he had the lobster tail meal first, and followed it by the scallops in mashed potato. At the end the waiter came over and very seriously said "Can I get you another main course sir?" - for a moment JL considered having the beef fillet, but thankfully decided to stop there!  [only because Emma gave me the evil eye across the table]. There were some lovely fresh strawberries to finish. We went to the first show of the new classical duo - a couple of pianists playing on the same piano, who were excellent. From here we went to one of the bars as I fancied the mocktail of the day - Virgin Chocolate Banana, one of my favourites! We then went to the main show - an Irish comedian called Adrian Walsh, who was very good.

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