Thursday, 19 March 2015

Day 69 - Wednesday 18th March (day one!) - at sea

Day 69 - Wednesday 18th March (day one!) - at sea

As we are now heading back across the Pacific in the other direction, we have to cross the International Date Line again, going the other way. This means that we have two consecutive days with the same date, and today is the first of them! As we were due to be in Western Samoa today, but had to cancel it due to the cyclone detour, it was a bit of a funny day for entertainment - all the people who had been on for the past section had done their shows/ talks and were itching to get off (they now had, to have an extra flight to get them from American Samoa to Western Samoa for their flight home!), and all the new entertainers were currently making their way from Western to American Samoa so they could catch the ship tomorrow! But the entertainment team did their best to put together a good day for everyone!

We started with our usual walk/ stretch/ breakfast, then line dancing for me. I went to knitting, where I found an experienced knitter to help with with part of my Easter chick pattern that I didn't understand, and then went up on deck to watch an ice carving demonstration. Or so I thought- I got there 5 minutes late to discover the carving had finished already and the sculpture was rapidly melting in the boiling hot tropical sunshine! Oh well! JL spent the morning reading and then playing table tennis (which he won!!)

We had lunch and then I went party dancing while JL went to see a talk about human effects on the oceans. It was then laundry time, boo hiss. I finished just in time for my legs, bums and tums class, which was a killer! Meanwhile JL went to the pool and played table tennis again.

We had dinner and then went to the evening of improvised entertainment! First was a second crew talent show, which was even better than the first one. They did it in aid of the Vanuatu relief fund, and there were collection buckets and donation pledge cards on the way in. If you donated more than £10 then you got a photo showing the path the ship took to avoid the cyclone - it is very pretty! After the show we went to see the Aurora Orchestra, who usually accompany the cabaret acts, playing a show on their own, with various pieces of music from films - there was a John Williams medley, Pink Panther, Mission Impossible, and Schindler's List, to name but a few. It was fantastic. Then just time to get ready for our day ashore tomorrow!

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