Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Days 61 - Tuesday 10th March - at sea (Milford Sound)

Days 61 - Tuesday 10th March - at sea (Milford Sound)

Today was spent at sea, but in the morning we sailed into Milford Sound, a 15km long fjord located on the south west of New Zealand's South Island. It is a designated World Heritage Site and I can see why. We arrived there at 8.30, so we scrapped our normal morning schedule and instead went on deck to watch the scenery. We stayed for about 15 seconds before we realised it was freezing and rainy and windy! JL then retreated to the Crows Nest, while I went and got out all my winter and waterproof clothing and set up camp on the observation platform at the front of our deck. We then spent a glorious two hours watching wonderful green hills, gushing waterfalls, sheer rock faces, cloud formations of all shapes and sizes (including long white clouds, which New Zealand's Maori name means), helicopters and small sightseeing planes flying overhead, kayakers meandering along near the cliffs, and wildlife watching boats who were looking out for the seals and dolphins and penguins who live in this area but who were hiding today! We eventually reached the end of the passage, where a small village and airport lie, before turning back to views of snow capped mountains and new trickling waterfalls which were springing up from the falling rain. Stunningly beautiful. :-)

We came out of the area just in time for Knit and Natter class, where I managed to make my penguin look rather more penguin like, and collect some more wool to continue over the next few port days.

We had lunch and then JL went to see Diane Simpson talking about the concept of humour, and then to table tennis. I had all sorts of plans for the afternoon but ended up closing my eyes 'for a few minutes' and having a two hour nap! I then went to afternoon tea to wake myself up, followed by an abs workout. 

After dinner we went to see a duo in the theatre called Live Wire - a couple of Irish musicians, one on the fiddle and one on the electric guitar, playing a range of Celtic songs, plus a bit of Simon and Garfunkel! They were very good. Then to get ready for Dunedin tomorrow!

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